BeiGeneius Hybrid Webinar #1

Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia and the role of BTK inhibitors

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The first ever BeiGeneius Academy virtual meeting will be streamed live from Madrid on _9S$dPF TG nVb:# 6r66 from a|gaa H; oVyoO *MR~QN. Virtual attendees are warmly welcomed to join the expert panel and live audience for a day of scientific engagement. 

JA2 [f!!!5 0Nzz kV S7v$lYp X$ ?Zw~; J3LGa3n93E/= k_o 1xMM ,2 @{9uX9 7W a diverse group of experts. They will aim to provide a comprehensive overview of (aJdenst!om’s maLi$gJ$bulinemvW, with a special focus on the role of BTK inhibitors in the treatment landscape. 

The agenda combines scientific presentations, discussions, and audience engagement. Virtual attendees will be encouraged to submit their questions throughout the meeting via the webinar platform. 

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W0] gVuMVWVuY8 DjhA/4i JQ 6 forum for learning and exchange among heme-oncologists to promote new developments and best practice in order to advance patient care. Led by a committee of world-renowned heme-oncologists, the program encompasses multiple activities such as the ongoing webinar series, hybrid meetings and further educational outputs including publications.

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